Magento Implementations & Integrations

Magento Implementations & Integrations

Are you are looking forward to migrating to a new platform or updating your Magento store to the latest version? You might find Magento implementation and integration services the toughest task while launching an eCommerce store.

At Uncanny, we offer full-scale Magento implementation along with various integrations. These integrations will provide you with flexible eCommerce stores. We ensure to come up with the best opportunities for your business to boost its online presence.

Our Magento developers offer quality end-to-end Magento implementation and integration services for all sizes of businesses. Our Magento implementation services comprise eCommerce strategy, integration, QA, and 24/7 support. At Uncanny, we have a team of experienced Magento developers who can handle any size of Magento implementation as well as integrate the different applications and third-party services.

Our Magento Implementations & Integrations

Strategy & Consulting

Our Magento developers make sure that your Magento website is capable of performing well with the viewpoint of both code & architecture and business perspective. At Uncanny, we use the best techniques and strategies for your business based on your brand, targeted audience, and products.


At Uncanny, we have experienced Magento experts for implementing and supporting integrations among various business systems and third-party services including Magento. We work effectively with open-source, commercial, proprietary, custom-built, and legacy in line with your Magento eCommerce experience.

Support and Maintenance

A Magento website can be expensive when it comes to solving an issue. We at Uncanny, provide 24×7 dedicated Magento support and maintenance for your business. You can reach out to us when you need any help regarding your Magento website.

Development, QA, and Testing

One of the best things about Uncanny is that we excel at quality assurance, testing, and back-end development. We provide customized Magento implementation services to make your brand stand apart from others. While performing Magento implementation, we give utter importance to the testing process and quality of the product. With this, you will get a robust, flawless, and secured solution for your Magento eCommerce store.

Why Choose Uncanny for Magento Implementations & Integrations ?

Certified Magento developers

Our highly-skilled Magento developers look into each aspect of your new technology before using it. Being a Magento implementation company, we also have a team of experienced Magento programmers who build custom solutions for your storefront.

On-Time Delivery

Our Magento developers make sure to deliver Magento implementation & integration service at the estimated time. We aim to provide quality Magento development services to our esteemed clients. Our Magento developers consider your business as their own and leave no stone unturned to make it work.

Cost Effective

At Uncanny, we offer Magento implementation services at an economical cost. We ensure to maintain the product quality.

Bespoke Solutions

Every business is different, and so are its requirements. We try to understand your business and its needs, and only then do we offer a customized solution.

No Additional Costs

When you hire dedicated Magento developers from a Magento development company, you will not have to provide them with any kind of infrastructure, be it a system or the internet. Our Magento development services consist of security, health, infrastructure, etc.


We aim to provide totally secured services to our esteemed clients. We ensure to keep all your information confidential.

Support & Maintenance

Get our reliable maintenance and support teams to assist you during every stage of development and delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a dedicated Magento developer?

Hiring a dedicated Magento developer will provide you with customized services for your project at an affordable cost. They will specifically look after your project, which will result in faster and more impactful results.

What is the cost of hiring a Magento developer?

The hiring cost of a Magento developer is dependent on the expertise level needed for your project.

Why Choose Magento for your eCommerce platform?

One of the main reasons to opt for Magento is that it is an open-source eCommerce platform. It offers a highly-customizable shopping cart system, allowing you to decide the appearance of your web store.

What is the advantage of the Magento development service?

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce development platforms. It offers various functionalities like multiple payments, faster checkout, and an interactive dashboard. At Uncanny, we have a team of Magento developers to build a robust Magento-powered website.