Organizational Transformation With Odoo

It is one of the most challenging tasks to design an operating model and the best organizational structures for an enterprise. We at Uncanny are dedicated to converting complex enterprise environments into flexible digital organizations. We have trusted Odoo advisors who will help you in the process of organization design.

Furthermore, we have been helping organizations interpret their corporate strategy into an impactful operating model and organization design. Our experienced Odoo developers have experience working with various types of organizations.

Getting in touch with Uncanny will provide you with extensive industry knowledge and expertise in business model design and organizational elements. With our proven design methodologies, you can see high-quality results in no time. We will support you in developing an organizational design and roadmap to reach your business goals.

Organizational Transformation with Odoo

Here, we bring you some scenarios that an organization might go through:

Some organizations think that there is no need to evolve quickly. These types of organizations might die soon.

Some organizations think that might need digital elements like CRM to manage their digital enterprise. Such types of companies are not competitive due to which they might have to go through significant devaluation over the next decade or will be acquired.

Some organizations know the changes the digital economy would bring to their respective industry. With this, they have an idea of building a digital Core that is connected to the digital edge of the business. These organizations will sustain the change in the business environment.

What does Organizational Transformation With Odoo Consist?

Our experienced team of developers will choose unique ways to meet your organization’s needs.

  • Assessment of Workforce Transformation
  • Knowledge regarding benefits of software
  • Training to create end-user buy-in
  • Making efforts for engagement and accountability
  • Developing communication channels and materials
  • Transparency regarding changed roles and responsibilities
  • Track and monitor results for fine-tuning and improvement
  • Creating a universal entity to provide support, guidance, and oversight