Odoo Installation & Hosting

Best Hosting plans to improve operational performance capabilities of Odoo!


Odoo ERP system is one of those software solutions that cannot be downloaded and installed. It needs proper planning, implementation, and hosting to work properly and make a positive impact on your business.

Odoo is a heavy application due to which it becomes difficult to pick the perfect Odoo web hosting provider. If you opt for the Odoo ERP system, you need to have a host that you can count on. Sometimes, it is difficult to find the type of hosting that would suit your business needs. But, you should take your time and pick the right hosting provider for your Odoo software system.

At Uncanny, we provide seamless installation and customization of your existing and new applications. Our hosting plans focus on meeting your business needs.

Odoo Installation & Hosting

Types of Odoo Hosting

Odoo On-Premise Hosting

IT department is one of those sectors that gets various benefits from On-premise hosting. It becomes easy for the IT department to look after its infrastructure. When you’re looking forward to hosting Odoo On-Premises, always consider all the technical aspects.

Our experienced team can meet all your hosting needs. We ensure to take care of all the technical aspects that will make your software robust and lower the software cost. At Uncanny, we provide 24×7 support to set up a designated server for On-Premises Odoo ERP. Our team will recommend you buy the apt Odoo application only after a detailed analysis of your business and its needs.

Odoo Online Hosting

Odoo Online is an Odoo SaaS platform based on the cloud system. With SaaS, you can cut down on your additional expenses. With the help of the internet, you can access the software on SaaS. We ensure to make them available to you through the internet. In no time, you will be ready to use your cloud instance. You can access the online software with the help of a license-free subscription.

One of the best things about Odoo Online Hosting is that you can easily set up and access it. The only issue is that it comes with few access restrictions. Due to these restrictions, you cannot create your own applications or develop custom code for the software.

Odoo.sh Hosting

Odoo.sh is a cloud platform mainly developed for Odoo end users. It is PaaS (Platform as a Service) powered by Odoo. It is possible to deploy your cloud platform with Odoo.sh. When compared to Odoo online, Odoo.sh is power-packed with more features. Here, all the modules are updated, which is not the case in Odoo online.

With the help of Odoo.sh, you can install all the certified applications and third-party applications available on the Odoo app store. Suppose, you’re not satisfied with your present ERP system, you can choose customization from Odoo.sh.

With Odoo.sh. inbuilt tools, you can develop your own applications and customize features as per your business requirements. We have a dedicated team of Odoo hosts that work intending to provide error-free hosting.

What is the Importance of picking the best hosting?

It is possible to host Odoo in different forms according to your requirement for operations. Ensure to select the best Odoo hosting solution that meets all your business requirements.

> With the right hosting, you will get quality support.
> Opt for a cost-effective hosting solution as it will add to your Odoo pricing.
> The platform’s performance and response time are dependent on the hosting.
> With the right hosting provider, you are surely going to get updated services as per your need.

Odoo Installation & Hosting

Why Choose Odoo Cloud Hosting?

At Uncanny, we provide the best cloud hosting solutions that will improve your web hosting speed. With our hosting plans, you can see an improvement in your website performance.

Some important reasons for choosing cloud hosting are as follows:

> Your data is fully-secured, and you will also get full access to manage it.
> Add a new business app without going through a complex installation process.
> If your device is missing, don’t worry, as your lost data can be recovered.
> You can easily access the system from wherever you are, as it is cloud-based software.
> It lets you add new business apps easily without any complex installation process.

Uncanny provides personalized cloud hosting solutions that are faster when compared to ordinary cloud. Our team aims to work hard and solve all your hosting issues within the stipulated time. To know more about it, please contact our team.

Odoo Installation & Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manage Odoo hosting?

We provide Odoo hosting at affordable prices to both small and large businesses.

Which Odoo versions do you support?

At Uncanny, we support 15 / 14 / 13 community editions on our cloud hosting platform for Odoo.

Is it possible to take backups of my Odoo?

Yes, it is possible to take a backup of Odoo through our hosting control panel and download them.

What environment configuration do you use for cloud hosting?

We use PostgreSQL 13.1 in the managed hosting for Odoo.