One of the most challenging things for an organization is to pick the right ERP solution. While searching for an ERP system for your organization, you might get various options. There are times when it becomes difficult to determine which of these ERP systems will work for your organization. To help you in this situation, here we bring you a comparison of Odoo vs Sage. 



Odoo is an all-in-one business tool with several modules for Human Resources, Manufacturing, Financial Management, Warehouse Management, and Project Management. One major thing that differentiates Odoo from other platforms is it is an open-source software. With this, users can create customized solutions for their respective businesses.

Odoo Enterprise has all the features that are in Odoo Community. The only difference is that Odoo Enterprise also has some additional customization features. One can make use of Odoo studio for creating a customized experience for your business.

This cloud-based Online Edition of Odoo ERP is specially designed for solving SME needs. Odoo has a dedicated app for carrying out every business function. With this, budding business owners can start from scratch by picking a few apps. They can add more applications as and when required.



Sage is a business management software meant for both small and medium-sized businesses. It is a cloud-based software system that can easily handle all your business operations. Sage has various functionality tools surrounding accounting, sales, purchasing and inventory management.

Similar to Odoo, Sage also has two versions. One of them is Sage one accountant edition which is meant for accounting freelancers. The other one is Sage online which is used by SMEs.

Sage is divided into four ERPs as follows:
> Sage 100 Cloud
> Sage Intact
> Sage X3 ERP
> Sage 300 Cloud

Difference Between Odoo and Sage


The price of Odoo is $25 per month per user, whereas Sage charges $150 per month per user.
Odoo is power-packed with more features than Sage and is also cost-effective.

Odoo has various features like free updates, free trials, hosting, maintenance, and customer support. Sage has the same features, but there is no option for a free trial.


Both Odoo and Sage can be implemented through local partners. There might be a slight difference in the process of implementation and cost too. Odoo has a standard implementation cost, whereas Sage’s implementation cost differs from project to project.
Odoo provides both monthly and yearly plans. You are eligible for discounts only if you opt for the yearly one. Sage offers a one-year plan.