What are the various modules of Odoo HRMS?

What are the various modules of Odoo HRMS?

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Odoo is one of the best ERP systems power packed with  customized enterprise modules for different business needs. These customized modules are meant to solve challenges faced in the industry. It can also be of great help in streamlining various business processes such as accounting, inventory management, CRM, HRM, etc. Having an Odoo HRMS module for your business can be great as it is an open-source model.

With the help of an Odoo HRMS, developers can make use of the HRM source code and customize it as per the project requirements. It will boost the overall development process and also reduces the cost of the projects.  

Odoo HR Modules for Handling Human Resource Management

You can install the Odoo modules as per your business requirement. Here are some ways Odoo HRM can be used for managing your companies HR related activities.

Employee Management

In this module you can, have a look at all the important information of every department. Here, you can also restrict some information for the HR managers only. It is possible to create other source of information for employees such as a personnel directory. Whenever an employees requests for leave, appraisal, or allocation can be approved from here itself. 

Having Odoo HRMS module will help you manage your employees widely from all the verticals easily. Besides this, it also becomes easier to find information regarding employees and take necessary measures. It is also possible to make any changes in the employment records as and when needed. 

Employee details can be managed in the employees sections once they have been hired. If you wish to offer your customers with a better understanding of your team, you can include it in the public employee information. 

Leave Management

Odoo HRMS can be helpful in tracking the leaves of employees. If you wish, you can also add various options like paid, unpaid, and sick leaves. It is possible to notify employees about the acceptance and rejection of a leave request. 

Odoo HRMS is widely known for its leave and application management process. This system provides easy to use self-service portals for employees to apply for work from home, leave or other benefits. 

Here, you get an overview of all the employee’s leaves by day, week, or month on the screen. You can check out these leaves on the leave summary of an employee. An employee can only see their respective leave, whereas the HR manager can see a summary of all forms of leave taken by all employees.


One of the most important components of Odoo HRMS module is none other than Odoo recruitment app. It can be helpful in hiring of new employees for the company.  Here, you will find the overall procedure right from recruitment, outsourcing to contract management. 

Once you have implemented Odoo HRMS, job posting would become quite easier for you. Posting a job is just a click away with this module. It also keeps a track of applications you might have received. 

With Odoo HRMS, it becomes easy to handle human resource management as it allows  advertising job openings in only a few seconds. Besides this, it also removes the application of candidates who aren’t qualified enough. With this, the process of scheduling interviews becomes hassle-free. You can also make use of Odoo survey for designing a screening questionnaire that is linked to the candidate record automatically.


Odoo HRMS comes with a survey option for getting user feedback for improving your products or services. With Odoo survey, you can get the basic information about employees for recruiting and sending forms to receive replies to your intended questions. It plays an important role in employing candidates. All the positions come along relevant applications. With this, applicants will know which survey to fill for each application. 

Payroll Management

With the help of Odoo HR payroll module, you can create salary rules that will automatically calculate the allowances, taxes, and contribution registers. With this, it becomes easier to understand as of who is to be paid the taxes by the employee and the company.  

It is also possible to create a set of rules that would apply to some employees and create a  salary structure hierarchy. Odoo HR also offers you with  contract advantage templates for various compensation.

Generally, people use payroll section for creating payslips and track your monthly payroll. Once the payroll has been created, a journal record will be prepared in accounts. With this, it is clear that Odoo payroll system is related to the Accounting module. Before generating the payslip for an employee, ensure to create a contract along with a wage structure in employee’s module. 


Last but not least, Odoo HRMS can also manage your expenses. With expense management, the employees can submit the expenses and also justify them without any hassle. Once the employee has put in the expenses, it is now on the manager to either approve the expense or reject it. If the expense is approved, then it will be reimbursed to the employee. It is your choice if you wish to create a new expense account for your accounting based on your business.


It is extremely important for an organization to observe all the employee related operations that have a direct impact on company’s effectiveness. With the help of Odoo HRMS module , you can handle all these employee related activities with ease. It is only because of Odoo’s frequent updates that managing employees and their performance has become so easier. Odoo HRMS also has some dedicated menus for better functioning of the entire module. If you are looking forward to optimizing your human resource management, then you must definitely opt for Odoo HRMS solution. 

We hope this blog on Odoo HRMS module will help you understand more about it in detail and make the right choice for your organization. If you have any questions or queries regarding this blog or topic, please feel free to share them in the comments section. 

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