Why Should you opt for Odoo Migration?

Why Should you opt for Odoo Migration?

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Odoo comes up with a new version every year. The latest version of Odoo i.e. Odoo 16 was introduced in October 2022. The latest Odoo version is power packed with advanced features for your business. To make the most of your Odoo ERP system and deliver optimum performance, you must opt for Odoo migration services. 

With the change in times, even the businesses are changing. To stay relevant in the market, you need to innovate and meet the ever-changing requirements. Further talking about Odoo, it is available in two editions. One of them is the open-source edition and the other one is the community edition.

What is Odoo Migration?

The term Odoo migration is divided into two sections such as the data migration and Odoo apps migration. It consists of transferring your organization’s data and the applications from the older Odoo version to the new one. For handling the Odoo migration process, you might need to take help from an experienced Odoo partner. It is always a good idea to hire an Odoo expert for proper Odoo migration. 

It could be a bit difficult to transfer your data and Odoo apps from older versions to the new Odoo version. But, you can make this Odoo migration process smoother by having an Odoo expert on your side.

Why do you Odoo Migration?

Now, that we know what Odoo migration is, it is time to know why do we need to migrate Odoo from older version to the new one. Basically, Odoo migration takes place when you shift from an older version of Odoo to a newer version.

Odoo Migration Process

Generally, the Odoo migration process is held in two parts as follows:

  • Data Migration
  • Data Apps Migration
Data Migration

The organization’s data on Odoo is considered to be one of the most important resources. There is no possibility of losing out on your significant data while migrating to the newer Odoo version. There might be a need for some adaptation to sync in with the latest Odoo version. An Odoo expert will ensure that all your data is appropriate for migration. This data consists of several essential information like charts, contacts, tables, etc. 

Odoo Apps Migration

You must always make sure that the Odoo apps available on your older Odoo version land safely to the new Odoo version. There is no way of losing important Odoo apps in the process of migrating or updating. An Odoo migration experts can help you make necessary changes to present application. Not only that, they might also help you developer new ones to meet your business requirements.


Odoo migration ensures that you have all your applications and data on your new Odoo version without losing out on significant company data. We hope this blog on Odoo migration will help you understand the migration process more closely.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this topic or blog, please feel free to share in the comments section.  Our Odoo consultants are ready to help with any questions regarding Odoo and our services.

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