What are the features & Benefits of Odoo Website Builder

What are the features & Benefits of Odoo Website Builder

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A website is considered to be the forefront of a company. Every website has its specific purpose based on company and its audience. Some websites are focused towards selling products whereas others are into providing services or information. You can pick the website design that suits your business requirements. The main aim here is to successfully implement the website and customize it as per specific business requirements.

If you wish to create a website that is both attractive and extraordinary, then you should opt for Odoo website builder. With the help of this website module, you can create a fully-functional website that works well on all devices be it laptop or cell phones. Besides this, you can also customize the domain, add or change anything on the website as per your requirement. All of these Odoo website builder features are of great help in managing your website and your organization’s portfolio.

Top Features of Odoo Website Builder

Designer Templates 

Templates are quite easy to design and also look stunning. With the help of Odoo website builder, you will not have to worry about creating new pages, themes or building blocks. You can always make use of bootstrap CSS.  

Captivating New Visitors 

One of the best ways to attract visitors is to have an interactive and easy to use website. Odoo website builder can help you add various latest features to your website. It also offers you with trending keywords depending on the Google’s most searched terms. Here, there is no need of configuration for making use of SEO tools.   

Supports Multi Language 

With the help of Odoo website builder, you can translate your website in to multiple languages without any hassle. Odoo is capable enough to translate language across the pages automatically as performed on the master page. 

Edit Anything Inline

One of the best features of Odoo website builder is its ‘edit inline approach’. With this feature, it becomes easy to create a website as there is no need for backend operations.  

Professional Themes

With the help of Odoo website builder, you design customized themes or can also opt for prearranged Odoo website template. It just takes a click to change the entire theme of the website. 

Major Advantages of Odoo Website Builder 

Human Resource Management

You can manage all your human resource operations such as appraisal, holidays, leaves with the help of Odoo ERP software. One of the best things about this software is that you can also post vacancies from Odoo for your Odoo website.  

Customer relationship management & Sales Management 

With the help of Odoo, you can manage your customer relationship easily. Not only that, you will also get lead in your system as soon as someone makes an inquiry in your website. Here, you go through different stages of leads and opportunities that help you a lot in customer management. 

Marketing Management

Odoo is power-packed with various modules like marketing management module which can be of great help in managing your marketing team. There are higher chances of better understanding of the campaign among your marketing team. 

Inventory Management

As Odoo inventory management module is tightly integrated with the eCommerce areas of Odoo you can easily display the stocks availability, products etc on the website. Further managing your dealers, warehouses, location becomes simple. Odoo inventory management module is advance and can be integrated with barcode, weighing scales etc.

Being Open Source

As Odoo is an open source platform, it can be downloaded in just one click without any hassle. There is no need to have any license to run this platform. Due to this reason, it turns out to be an economical option for its users. Odoo is a great option for people looking out to start their eCommerce business.  

Powerful Community

When compared to other platforms, Odoo is considered to have one of the most powerful developer community. Here, you will have partners that will extend their support on different forums if you need any help in relation to Odoo website builder development. 


Odoo Website Builder is one of the most important tool for designing an attractive website for your clients. Every business is different and so are its website designing needs. With Odoo website builder, you can customize your website as your business needs. We at Uncanny have a team of Odoo professionals who can help you create your website without any hassle. 

We hope this blog on Odoo website builder will help you know more about this tool and also use it for your business. If you have any questions or queries regarding this topic or blog, please feel free to share them in the comments section. 


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